Our Facilities

Hangar No. 1 - Wide Body
Wide Body Hangar can accommodate one wide body aircraft viz. Airbus A330 or Boeing B777. In the absence of a wide body aircraft this hangar can accommodate upto four narrow body aircraft.
Hangar No. 2 - Narrow Body
One Narrow Body Hangar, with 2 Bays can accommodate two narrow body aircraft. Viz. Boeing B737, Airbus A320, ATR, Bombardier. This Hangar can additionally accomodate one turbo prop aircraft.
Hangar No. 3 - Paint Hangar
Paint hangar can accommodate one narrow body aircraft. This hangar is equipped with extraction system, hangar door and docks for painting of complete aircraft, with rub down & stripping method as per the customer requirement.
The facility is supported by workshops necessary for airframe maintenance. The workshops are manned by skilled engineers and technicians to deliver consistent quality.
  • Battery Shop
  • Composite Workshop
  • Flight Controls Workshop
  • Galley Workshop
  • Nondestructive Testing [NDT]
  • Oxygen Workshop
  • Structure Repair Shop
  • Heat Treatment Facility
  • Welding Workshop
  • Aircraft Placard Shop
  • Seat Bay
  • Heat Exchanger Shop
  • Decal Placard Stencil Fabrication Shop