Workshop Services

Our workshops have capability under DGCA that can perform specialized jobs to meet both base and line maintenance requirements, the highlights are given below:

NDT Shop We carry out all NDT inspection work in the workshop and on aircraft undergoing maintenance checks in our hangar or at locations determined by the customer. We perform NDT inspection using below methods: FPI, MPI, Eddy current, Ultrasonic, Radiography
Paint shop Complete / partial repainting of aircraft components
Composite Shop Designed to provide repair of composite aircraft structures/ parts and cabin items, including cold and hot bonder repairs. Capable to perform repairs on fibre glass repairs, thrust reversers, floor board and engine cooling repairs and flight control repairs as per the structure repair manual.
Seat Shop Repair and maintenance of aircraft seats.
Carpet and upholstery shop Repair and stitch new carpets and Upholstery
Flight Controls and Structure Shop Aileron, Aileron Tab, Elevator, Elevator Tab, Rudder, Primary & Secondary Flight Controls, Leading Edges, Floor Boards, Panels etc.
Machine Shop To Fabricate Machine aircraft parts /tools required for aircraft.
Battery shop Testing, repair & overhaul of aircraft Nickel Cadmium batteries limited to: Initial Charge / Pre-Service, Routine servicing / Refresher Charge, Capacity check / Quarterly Servicing
Welding Shop To weld aircraft parts.
Oxygen Shop Transfilling crew oxygen & portable oxygen cylinders.
Galley Equipment Shop To carry out refurbishment (inspect & repair) of Galleys according to vendor’s manual.
Stores Warehouse To store rotables, expendables and consumables.


February 10, 2015

Agreement b/w GMR Aero Technic & Bombardier

GMR Aero Technic Ltd signed an agreement with Bombardier becoming the first Q400 ASF [Authorized Service Facility] in India & the South East Asia region.
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